• Excavator Parts and Machinery Sales Limited is based in Hokitika, New Zealand. Its
    3 hours drive from Christchurch,
    New Zealand.
    The majority of our stock is held in our suppliers yard to prevent double handling and to keep costs down to the end user.
  • Excavator Parts and Machinery has worked hard to ensure the goods we source are a high quality product. This has come about by us purchasing these products and testing them in real work environments.
    The majority of our customers are repeat customers who know and trust our goods.
  • Absolutely - There is nothing more reassuring than a phone call. Feel free to go to our contacts page and give us a ring. Or alternatively send us an email on our many enquiry links throughout the website.
    We also have Skype running, so if you want to call us on that or message us, we would love to hear from you. Our skype name is excavatorpartsnz
  • Excavator Parts and Machinery Sales Limited specialises in aftermarket, lower cost excavator parts. These parts are brand new with outstanding quality. We have spent a long time finding the best deals from our suppliers so you dont have to!
  • We use Courer, air and sea freight. All large parts are listed with sea freight included to your door if you are in USA, Pacific or Australasia. If you are from outside of these countries the prices are FOB, New Zealand. For smaller items like turbos and alternators - the price listed includes courier to your door. This excludes clearance costs for all countries except New Zealand.
  • We arrange freight to anywhere in the world by any form of transport you require. We often send goods globally to all sorts of far out places!
    As mentioned, all goods come with the most cost effective freight option for the part - This can be sped up at the buyers expense.
  • Our parts are sourced from USA, Asia and
    New Zealand depending on the product. As we have said many times, the goods supplied have been tried and tested and we are very confident with the quality. We are in the business of having repeat customers - to do this the gear has to be outstanding quality and that's what we aim for with every part that goes out.
  • Yes absolutely, they are Brand new parts and are aftermarket. That means they are made by a non-marketed suppliers that have no franchise costs.
  • A great deal of this comes down to the info you give us when ordering. when ordering try to give us as much of the following info as possible:
    - Correct model number ( this will be on the same tag as the serial number )
    - machine serial number
    - Any numbers on the part itself
    - Any measurements you are able to get
    ( these maybe requested from you prior to dispatch regardless )
  • We do hold a great deal of parts in stock. But the majority of the parts is sent direct from our supplier to you. This way it cuts the freight costs down and drives the purchase price down to you even further!
  • To start with, our customers need to be confident that we are who we say we are. Best way around that is go to our contacts page and give us a call. We will gladly put your mind at ease.
    Secondly, we never see any details of your credit card. We have our online purchasing run through ANZ Bank, New Zealand. ANZ has a brilliant name for security and great innovation when it comes to credit card security.
  • You currently have two options:
    - Credit card in our safe purchasing facility
    - Paypal
    Once you click to purchase your parts you get given an option of the two above. If you would prefer to purchase by T/T feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we will make it suit your needs.

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